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West Hollywood is recognized as a leader in equality. Our city has led the charge in protecting the rights of all persons, becoming a haven for those who might otherwise be marginalized. Currently, one of the biggest issues facing West Hollywood is big development changing the character of our neighborhoods. High rises and luxury buildings are rapidly replacing historical buildings and affordable residences. Developers are being permitted to operate on loopholes, bypassing regulations that would otherwise construct affordable and low-income housing. If West Hollywood becomes unaffordable and its current residents continue to get pushed out, our city is in jeopardy of losing its inclusive and welcoming character.

Our city's diversity gives us great opportunity to be a leader in our nation's equality movement. We seek to protect our families and individuals working towards citizenship while continuing to make positive contributions to our community. West Hollywood has continued to be a beacon for LGBTQ+ rights and our platform strives to empower that voice even further. We wish to do what we can in expanding services for women, domestic abuse survivors, suffering addicts, refugees and other persons in need of our help.

West Hollywood is prized as a clean, presentable, and eco-friendly community. The more we can encourage access to green energy and transit, the more livable our city can be. Our campaign envisions more bicycle friendly roads, increased walkability, and green-energy incentives to residents and local businesses while recognizing that West Hollywood has already become a leader on this front. We wish to attract businesses and residents that can help fulfill our dream of a more environmentally-friendly WeHo.

Romo for WeHo is a grassroots campaign supported by and made successful by you -- our neighbors, friends and family members. We pride ourselves on being your biggest advocate and strongest voice to represent your interests. We are free from corporate and big-money interests which allows us to best serve you. If you wish to support us, please consider donating to our campaign or registering with us as a volunteer. Help us in continuing to make West Hollywood a city for everyone.